Sunday AuctionCollector’s Art Market


The upcoming Sunday Auction, “Collectors Art Market” isn’t exactly a new concept for GFL. We’ve conducted similar auctions like this in the past, although we used to call them by a different name. These were Decorative and Collective sales – which some of you will remember – and they were conducted out of our cavernous warehouse in the industrial district of Welshpool.

Some clients were very fond of the old venue and the appeal of finding a quality work at clearance prices; however, many clients found that the old venue was not conveniently accessible.

In order to enable easier access for clients, in a more familiar surroundings, we have decided to move the auction to our preferred venue of the Wilkinson Gallery in the Claremont Showgrounds and have rebadged the event as Sunday Auction Collectors Art Market. Other changes include:

  • The auction day has moved from Saturday Morning to Sunday afternoon commencing at 2pm,
  • Viewing is held on the Friday and Saturday preceding Sunday’s auction,
  • An improved and better designed in house catalogue has been produced,
  • The quality of the offering has been improved to reflect the superior viewing conditions and,
  • The auction will be streamed live online in order to allow for those unable to attend on the day the opportunity to participate from home or wherever they may be.

The auction promises to be a lively affair with most works unreserved. It’s the perfect opportunity to acquire affordable works for those who are new to collecting or established.

Artists include many of Australia’s luminaries and a smattering of international pieces as well.

We trust that you will be able to join us over the weekend and discover a work that enthuses you.


Sunday 3rd of April at 2:00pm


Friday 1st April 11:00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 2nd April 10:00am – 5:00pm


Wilkinson Gallery
GATE 1 – Claremont Showgrounds
1 Graylands Road, Claremont

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