Place and Journey Auction Summary

Lot 36 Naata Nungurrayi – Women’s Ceremony

Place and Journey was the collection of Dr Duncan Steed and was the first single vender auction of aboriginal artworks that GFL have conducted in its 25 years of operation.

The response to the offering was strong and from all corners of the globe. Works were shipped to Holland, Canada, France, USA, England, Belgium and most states in Australia.

“I was surprised at the interest” said Patricia Flanagan a director of GFL Fine Art, “I did notice many new faces view the collection and return for the auction, which was held on a Sunday afternoon to allow for people from the Northam and York regions to participate in person.”

“The internet enabled our interstate and international clients to participate in real time as well. This is the third time our auction has been broadcast live over the internet” she added.

Top price on the day was $19,550 inc. buyers premium for an impressive work by Naata Nungurrayi followed by $17,800 inc. buyers premium for a large Texas Downs work by Freddie Timms.

Lot 35 Freddie Timms – Maisie Springs Texas Downs

The clearance rate was 83% by volume and 88% by value with the quiet area of the sale being the contemporary non indigenous items which were a little out of their normal market place.

There was little doubt that the auction was a success. The venue showed off the works to their best advantage and they all worked well as an exhibition. This is an area of the market that we have not explored before and based on this result, we will be visiting it again preferably with another single vender offering.